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Relationships, Intimacy & dementia


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Lindau, S.T., Dale, W., Feldmeth, G., Gavrilova, N., Langa, K.M., Makelarski, J.A. and Wroblewski, K. (2018), Sexuality and Cognitive Status: A U.S. Nationally Representative Study of Home‐Dwelling Older Adults. J Am Geriatr Soc, 66: 1902-1910.
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Bauer, M & Fetherstonhaugh, D (2016), Sexuality and people in residential aged care facilities: A guide for partners and families, La Trobe University, viewed  5 June  2020,
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Barrett, Catherine & Crameri, Pauline & Lambourne, Sally & Latham, J.R.. (2015). ‘We are still gay…’: the needs of LGBT Australians with dementia. Australian Journal of Dementia Care. 4. 26-30. 
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How To Have Thoughtful Conversations on Intimacy, Sexuality & Dementia


Conversations About Dementia, Intimacy and Sexuality/ Alzheimer’s Society of  Canada (2018)      

Sex, intimacy and dementia / Alzheimers Society (UK)

Sexuality and dementia information sheet / Alzheimers Scotland



undefined​Sexualities and Dementia

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) webinar 

Sexual expression is a part of life no matter what age we are and therefore older people living with dementia also need to be considered. In an aged care context, this can be a confronting and challenging issue for service providers and health professionals. Responses can be reactive rather than proactive, with many staff not knowing what to do. There are beliefs that older people are asexual, and that sexual needs and behaviour is only for those who are “cognitively intact”. There can also be a lack of regard for non-heterosexual people living with dementia.