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Eating and Drinking Well


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Food, nutrition and dining webinar - Supporting people with dementia to eat and drink well (2024)

Avocado and sardines on toast Peter Morgan-Jones, cooks a recipe with Paula Wolfert, a world-renowned cookbook author living with dementia. Here they cook avocado and sardines on toast, a recipe of Paula’s included in ‘It’s all about the food not the fork!’

How to Help a Family Member with Alzheimer's or Dementia with Eating

Preparing for Mealtime of Persons with Dementia

Eating and Drinking well: supporting people living with dementia

Dementia STARs Eating Well and Dementia - NZ Dementia Foundation

Journal articles

Redesigning texture modified foods (2017)  
LHI Retirement Services in South Australia has improved the mealtime experience for residents with dysphagia by changing the way texture-modified food is presented.
The Australian Journal of Dementia Care Vol 6 (4) p 26-27
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Food for thought: Facilitating independence with finger foods (2013) 
Dietician Denise Burbidge discusses finger foods as a flexible, dignified meal option for people with moderate to severe dementia
 The Australian Journal of Dementia Care Vol 2(2) p 19-20
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Residents happy to help themselves (2013)  
The introduction of ‘help-yourself’ finger food and a person-centred dining approach has proved a successful addition to daily life at three Scalabrini Village aged care facilities in Sydney and Griffith which support people with dementia.
Rocco Andreacchio and Lauren Kingsbury explain how residents, care staff and families have benefited from the changes.
The Australian Journal of Dementia Care Vol 2(2) p 21
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